The best stroller for travelling with kids

The best stroller for travelling with kids

If you are like us, nothing will stop you travelling with your kids but it does mean that you have to consider some additional travel gear.

Choosing the best stroller for travelling with kids will make your family adventures more comfortable and less hassle for everyone.

There is a huge range of strollers on the market to choose from and each family has their individual needs to consider. For us and probably many families, the best stroller is one that is lightweight, effortless to collapse and easy to steer.

Parents often choose a cheap stroller for holidays, which is ok if you like to stay in a resort and not venture too far. However, if you like to explore, I would consider researching and investing a little more to ensure you really get the best stroller for travelling with your kids.

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Our recommended best stroller for travelling with kids…

Admittedly we haven’t tested all of the strollers on the market but we have tried a few and found the Baby Jogger City Mini to be the best stroller all round for travelling with kids.

Best stroller for: Durability | Easy to Steer | Comfort | Effortless to collapse | Lightweight

Durability - it seems to last forever!

We’ve had our Baby Jogger City Mini for nearly 6 years and used it for both our girls. Not only have we used it for holidays but it’s been our everyday stroller at home too and it’s still going strong.

We’ve certainly tested its durability… it’s been dragged along sandy beaches in Thailand, pebbled beaches in Croatia, tackled cobbles and steps in Venice and withstood the snowy ski slopes in Poland!

Not to mention the rough treatment strollers can be subjected to between airport check-in, aircraft hold and baggage reclaim. A journey our stroller has survived dozens of times!

The ‘rubber-like’ solid tyres also mean that you don’t need to worry about punctures and they don’t seem to wear regardless of the terrain you take it on.

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Easy to steer – it’s effortless!

The Baby Jogger City Mini is a 3-wheeler stroller and the front wheel can be locked or can swivel 365 degrees which makes it really easy to steer.

If your travels are predominantly off-road explorations, then you may want to consider a specific all-terrain stroller such as the Out n About Nipper Sport V4, although this will be heavier and less compact.

However, the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller glides along nicely, has a great turning circle and can handle uneven surfaces and most types of terrain.

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The only time we have struggled is on sand or rocky surfaces but not many strollers handle this type of terrain particularly well. In these situations, we found pulling the stroller along on its back wheels helps.

Of course, there are still places that are completely unsuitable for strollers. In these situations, I would recommend using a baby carrier such as the Baby Bjorn, which I loved carrying both my girls in as babies.

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Comfort – for all

The Baby Jogger City Mini stroller is super comfortable for our kids because it has plenty of space and reclines flat, making it perfect for sleeping in.

It is also suitable from birth, which means you only ever need one stroller that will last them until they no longer need one. Don’t even consider taking a big heavy pram on holiday, it will make things really hard and stressful. Our youngest was just 8 weeks old when she first used this stroller and she was perfectly happy in it.

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It also makes travelling more comfortable for us as parents because it has plenty of storage underneath. We tend to use the storage space underneath the stroller as well as a baby change bag that sits nicely around the handle.

This means that most of the time we don’t have to take a rucksack, which can be mithering in hot weather.

Simple to collapse – with just one hand

This is probably the best feature this stroller has to offer and has certainly been fully appreciated by us on our family travels.

The quick-fold technology means that all you have to do is lift a strap with one hand and it folds itself quickly and simply – click here to watch a video of how easy it really is.

I really can’t praise this feature enough, even family members have commented on how good it is. When you are rushing through airport security, hopping onto planes, boats, buses, cars or up and down steps, this quick-fold technology is a saviour.

It also has an auto lock which keeps it securely folded when carrying.

Lightweight – easy to carry

The Baby Jogger City Mini is not the lightest stroller on the market but it is still fairly lightweight at 7.6kg.

Sometimes, a stroller that is super light can be difficult to manoeuvre. Baby Jogger City Mini gets it just right with enough weight to easily manoeuvre over rough terrain but light enough to carry up and down steps and lift in and out of cars etc.

The fact that it’s super easy to collapse using a single handle that you can then carry it by has made it really convenient. Particularly when visiting places like Venice and Dubrovnik when we had to keep collapsing and unfolding it to carry up and down steps.

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Other pros that make this the best stroller for travelling with kids…

Other things we have valued in this stroller is the SPF 50+ canopy which provides protection from the sun. It also has velcro peek a boo windows so that you can check on your child without having to pull the canopy back.

When your stroller is fully reclined the back is vented which allows the air to pass through in hot climates. In cooler conditions, there is a cover that can be unrolled and secured over the back for protection from the wind.

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What about the cons?

In our opinion, there really are very few if any downsides to the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller.

A common problem reported is the rubber on the handlebar splitting and ours has not escaped this fault. However, you can push it back together and it does not affect the use of the stroller in any way whatsoever. It’s obviously not meant to happen but it really doesn’t bother us at all.

Recommended accessories for your stroller

Don’t underestimate how much you will use your stroller!

It’s not just about ease of getting around with young kids. Consider multifunctional benefits such as blackout protection from the sunlight when your child is sleeping, waterproof shelter from the rain and additional storage to carry things.

Here are some of the accessories for the Baby Jogger City Mini that can provide even more benefits for travelling with kids.

Koo-di Sun and Sleep Stroller Cover

This was a god send when our girls were babies. We used it both in the day when they slept but it also allowed us to stay up later at night whilst they slept peacefully.

It provides ventilation (unlike a blanket) and folds up really compactly into a small bag that can be stored under the stroller.

Other accessories

Final Thoughts...

In our opinion, the Baby Jogger City Mini really is the best stroller for travelling with kids, ticking all of the boxes. Its quick-fold collapse feature is amazing and really takes the hassle out of travelling around with a stroller.

It’s not the cheapest stroller on the market but it’s certainly not the most expensive.

For its durability, comfort and the fact that it will last your child from birth, I would consider it great value for money.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT

Fancy upgrading? Try out the Baby Jogger City Mini GT to get a few extra benefits such as a hand brake instead of a foot break and better tyres.

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