An epic 2 weeks in Croatia – our family itinerary

An epic 2 weeks in Croatia – our family itinerary

Considering Croatia as you’re next family holiday destination? Great choice!

We spent 2 weeks in Croatia and were completely overwhelmed by its natural beauty, breath-taking waterfalls, crystal clear Adriatic Sea and ancient World Heritage Cities.

When I first started planning our 2 weeks in Croatia, I struggled to decide which of the magnificent cities and many beautiful islands to visit. I spent a lot of time researching the order in which to visit each place and the best way to travel between them.

For a real taste of Croatia with a good mix of sightseeing, adventure and relaxation, this family itinerary is perfect.

In this post, I’ll share detailed information about where we stayed, what we did and how we did it so that you can easily recreate our 2 weeks in Croatia for your own family trip. And I’ll share our total cost so that you can quickly see whether it is within your budget.

❗️ Top Tip

I research lots to make sure we find the cheapest way to visit our destinations without scrimping on accommodation standards or experiences. Follow our tips and advice to get the best value for your trip.

2 Weeks in Croatia - Family Itinerary - Family photo on the walls of Hvar Fortress

2 weeks in Croatia – our family itinerary at a glance

Our 2 weeks in Croatia covers the stunning Dalmatian coastline, starting with the beautiful city of Dubrovnik (known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic). From here, you’ll island hop over to the stunning islands of Korcula and glitzy Hvar before ending your trip in the exuberant, ancient city of Split.

2 Weeks in Croatia - Family Itinerary - Map

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Highlights from our 2 weeks in Croatia

  • Dubrovnik’s ancient city walls
  • Game of Thrones tour (if you’re a GOT fan of course)
  • Korcula’s Marco Polo Museum
  • Pakleni Islands by boat
  • Diocletian’s Palace
  • Krka National Park and waterfalls
  • Culinary delights and delicious local wine
  • Swimming in the sparkling, turquoise Adriatic Sea

ℹ️ How much did our 2 weeks in Croatia cost?

Our total cost including flights, accommodation, travel, food and spending money came in at £3283.97 for our family of 4!

And that was during summer school holidays!

Planning your 2 weeks in Croatia - family itinerary

The first step in planning your 2 weeks in Croatia, is to book your flights. There will always be plenty of accommodation but you need to make sure there are suitable flights available and at a reasonable price.

Flight prices can vary significantly depending on when you travel and where you are travelling from. Being flexible can save you £000s!! Just by changing the time of day you fly, flying a day earlier/later, or flying from your next closest airport can make a big difference.

Travel Planning Resources

I love Skyscanner for their clever tools and search functions to help you find the cheapest price.

⭐️ Find out more…

Click here to read our step by step guide to using Skyscanner to help book the cheapest flights – even during school holidays.

Once you’ve found and booked your flights, use our family itinerary to help you decide where and how you want to spend your 2 weeks in Croatia. There are plenty of travel booking sites to help you search for suitable accomodation – our favourites are and Airbnb. are great for the wealth of information and wide variety of accommodation types.

Use the search box below to search for accommodation in Croatia.
Airbnb is brilliant for families like us or groups looking for a larger space at a reasonable price.
If you haven’t tried Airbnb yet, sign up through our link and get £25 off your first booking.

Our recommendations

We share the accommodation we stayed in during our 2 weeks in Croatia and a mini-review of each. I only take the time to write complete reviews on accommodation we genuinely have loved and would highly recommend. Our favourite accommodation and most recommended for this itinerary is Dela B&B in Hvar. Out of all of the the places we stayed, I would recommend you to take a look at this place. Everything about it is amazing and it’s great for families, single travellers, couples and groups. Read our complete review of Dela B&B here.

Days 1-4: Dubrovnik

Getting to Dubrovnik

This itinerary starts in Dubrovnik and ends in Split, so it’s best to try and book flights to Dubrovnik Airport and then fly home from Split Airport. Skyscanner has a multi-city option where you can search for a different departure airport for your return journey.

From Dubrovnik Airport

From Dubrovnik Airport, you can take a shuttle bus to the city. Tickets can be purchased at the airport, on the bus or online where you can also find the timetable (although they run fairly regularly).

From Split Airport

We actually flew into Split Airport because the flights were much cheaper than flying into Dubrovnik Airport.

If like us, it is cheaper for you to fly into Split Airport, you can make the transfer by car, bus or ferry. We chose the bus because it was the cheapest and simplest method for us at the time.

From Split Airport, you will need to take the airport shuttle bus to Split bus station and from there, you can catch one of the frequent buses direct to Dubrovnik.

The bus can take anywhere between 4-6 hours depending on how many stops it makes on the way. For this reason, if your flight arrives later on in the day, you may want to consider an overnight stay in Split.

2 Weeks in Croatia - Family Itinerary - us Split to Dubrovnik

Our flight arrived in Split at lunchtime so we had enough time to catch the bus the same day. Surprisingly, the journey didn’t feel too long and the kids slept and played along the way (the scenery is also stunning, which you might not appreciate as much if you were driving).

❗️ Top Tip

Try searching for flights into Split but returning home from Dubrovnik and doing the itinerary backwards?

If you want to find out more about how to take the different methods of transport from Split to Dubrovnik, I have written a separate article solely dedicated to this subject – click here to read it.

Where to stay in Dubrovnik with kids

The first thing to consider when deciding where to stay in Dubrovnik with kids is the number of steps!

Dubrovnik is built on a hill which means wherever you go there are steps (5423 to be precise)!

2 Weeks in Croatia - Family Itinerary - Steps in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Old Town

Staying in Dubrovnik Old Town, within the city walls means you are in the heart of the city, close to the restaurants and major attractions. Although you won’t completely avoid steps, staying in the centre will reduce the number you have to contend with as you don’t have as far to walk.

However, the prices tend to be higher and if your kids want facilities like a swimming pool, then you’ve got very little chance.

Dubrovnik Neighbourhoods

There is much more choice and at cheaper prices, if you stay outside of the city walls in one of the nearby neighbourhoods such as Lapad, Gruž, and Ploče.

We stayed just north of the city walls, a 10-minute walk to the Old Town. For the neighbourhoods further out, there is a good bus network and buses run frequently throughout the day.

⭐️ Find out more…

For more information on where to stay in Dubrovnik with kids, read our complete guide to Dubrovnik with kids here.

Our Dubrovnik accommodation

We stayed in Airbnb Apartments Bokun and loved the location because it was directly above the city. Yes, even more steps but the view of the city walls, red rooftops and across the Adriatic Sea to Lokrum island was incredible.

The apartment itself was a clean, modern studio with a double bed, sofa bed and kitchen/dining area. The selling point for us was the balcony and view – we enjoyed our cup of tea in the morning and glass of wine in the evening with a view you could look at all day long!

2 Weeks in Croatia - Family Itinerary - View from Dubrovnik Apartment
Our host was very hospitable, attended to our every need and even brought us drinks, biscuits and fresh grapes from the grapevines outside. We would definitely recommend Airbnb Apartments Bokun. The steps were not really an issue with our 5-year-old, 2-year-old and pushchair. There are two routes to the Old Town, the quickest is down lots of steps. In the evenings we took this route but without the pushchair (this did mean on demand piggy backs). If you have a pushchair, there is a slightly longer route via pavement along the road which is nice and easy.

❗️ Top Tip

Enter the city walls at Ploče Gate to avoid all steps into the Old Town

How to spend 4 days in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik really is incredibly beautiful and somewhere you have to visit and see for yourself. The ancient city walls and architecture are immaculately preserved and everywhere looks polished and pristine. Dubrovnik is perfectly suitable for kids but there are some considerations you will want to bear in mind. I’ve already mentioned (a lot) the amount of steps. For us, we loved it because that’s what makes Dubrovnik and we actually enjoyed the exercise. Our 5-year-old didn’t complain at all but our 2-year-old needed a few piggybacks when we left the pushchair back at our Airbnb.
2 Weeks in Croatia - Family Itinerary - Steps into Dubrovnik Old Town
If you have kids who can’t yet walk or won’t walk very far, consider a baby carrier or stroller that collapses easily and can be carried up and down the steps. We love the Baby Jogger City Mini because it’s effortless to push and easily folded with one strap using one hand.
And in terms of a baby carrier, we’d recommend the Baby Bjorn. I carried both of my girl’s miles in it when they were babies.

Here’s our top recommendations on how to spend 4 days in Dubrovnik…

Do this on your first day and identify the key attractions to help you decide how to spend your 4 days in Dubrovnik. Save money by buying a Dubrovnik card which gets you entrance to the city walls and other key attractions.

You don’t want to visit Dubrovnik without doing this, the views are AMAZING!

For all you GOT fans, it’s a great way to see the city sites whilst ticking off the iconic filming locations at the same time.

For the best views and a lovely hike back down (if you’re feeling energetic, you can walk up too but the kids loved the cable car)

Just a short ferry ride from Dubrovnik

2 Weeks in Croatia - Family Itinerary - View from Srd Hill across Dubrovnik Old Town

⭐️ Find out more…

For more information and top tips on the above, read our guidance on what we did during our 4 days in Dubrovnik here.

Days 5-7: Korcula

How to get from Dubrovnik to Korcula

In order to get from Dubrovnik to the island of Korcula, you’ll need to take the ferry, which takes approximately 1 hour 50 minutes.

We love travelling by ferry – they’re quick, cheap and the kids love their little sea adventures. For more information on the ferry timetables, ticket prices and where to buy tickets from, click here.

The ferry port in Korcula is really close to the Old Town so if you are staying in the Old Town itself, you should be able to walk to your accommodation from the port.

2 Weeks in Croatia - Family Itinerary - Ferry

Where to stay in Korcula with kids

Korcula is sometimes referred to as ‘Mini Dubrovnik’. The good thing is there are significantly FEWER STEPS, so less of a concern when considering where to stay in Korcula with kids!

And where there are steps, they tend to be long and shallow meaning you can still push a pushchair up and down them – BONUS!

Korcula Old Town is much smaller than Dubrovnik so wherever you stay, you should be within walking distance from the restaurants, bars and main tourist sites.

Our accommodation in Korcula

The other great thing about Korcula is that it is much cheaper. We took advantage of this and chose an Airbnb that was smack bang in the middle of the old town. Our Airbnb – Korkyra Old Town, really was the perfect location and although we were directly opposite St Mark’s Cathedral (and the bells chimed every 15 minutes), we slept perfectly well thanks to the soundproofed sash windows. The kids slept in a double bed in the bedroom and we slept in the large living room on the sofa bed. We would recommend Airbnb – Korkyra Old Town – it was lovely and clean and spacious, although not quite as modern as our Airbnb in Dubrovnik. Our host was also very accommodating and gave us plenty of recommendations of things to do and restaurants to try.
2 Weeks in Croatia - Family Itinerary - Korcula Streets
If a town apartment is not what you are looking for (and Korcula is one destination on this itinerary, I would recommend for some relaxation time), there are larger hotels with swimming pools for the kids. I would recommend taking a look at…

How to spend 3 days in Korcula

There are two things we really love about Korcula.

Firstly, its clever and beautifully designed old town in the shape of a fishbone pattern. Its streets are angled in order to allow a light westerly sea breeze to pass through in the summer; whilst protecting the town from cold northeast winds in the winter.

Secondly, we fell in love with the pretty little coves along the coastline as you walk away from the old town. These places are perfect for relaxing and you simply cannot resist the inviting Adriatic water.

2 Weeks in Croatia - Family Itinerary - Korcula Adriatic Sea

Korcula old town may be like a mini Dubrovnik but it’s much more relaxed, quieter and cheaper. It was lovely to have such a contrasting place after a busy and hot few days in Dubrovnik.

Here’s our top recommendations on how to spend 3 days in Korcula…

For beautiful views over the red roofs and the dazzling Adriatic Sea

To learn the history of Marco Polo’s roots and his incredible explorations

There’s no shortage of places to do this

Bike hire is cheap and there are plenty of safe cycle routes around the island

Considered one of the most beautiful of the Croatian islands

⭐️ Find out more…

For more information and top tips on the above, read our guidance on what we did during our 3 days in Korcula here.

Days 8-10: Hvar

How to get from Korcula to Hvar

Like Korcula, there is no airport on Hvar Island so the only way to get from Korcula to Hvar is by ferry. The journey is just an hour and you can find out more information on the timetable and cost here.

Where to stay in Hvar with kids

There is plenty of accommodation available within Hvar Town itself and just outside of the town. Most places are within a 20-minute walk from the centre.

We were already halfway through our 2 weeks in Croatia and our previous two apartments had no swimming pool. So we felt it only fair that we find somewhere with a swimming pool for the kids.

If you too are looking for a swimming pool (and this is the second destination on this itinerary, I would recommend for some relaxation time), then you need to consider this when looking at where to stay in Hvar with kids.

Being more of a glamorous destination and one that attracts the rich and famous, prices are slightly more expensive.

Our accommodation in Hvar

Finding accommodation with a decent swimming pool without compromising on the standards did seem to limit our options. However, Dela B&B was the one that kept showing up in my searches.

Amazing service from a genuinely lovely family!

It seemed perfect with the only drawback being the distance from the centre. We certainly don’t shy away from a walk. In fact, we enjoy getting the exercise but we didn’t want to be too far out with the kids, especially when walking back in the evenings. Dela B&B is actually about 1.5-2 kilometre (20-minute walk) into Hvar Town, which we didn’t think was too bad so we booked it, thinking the walk might actually be quite nice. In fact, once we were there, we never actually walked it! The thing that sets Dela B&B apart from other places to stay in Hvar with kids, is the lovely family that run it and the service they provide to their guests. They have family members on hand from early in the morning until 11 pm in the evening to drive you to and from the town centre – all you have to do is text when you need picking up! And it’s completely complimentary! Similar to our accommodation in Dubrovnik, Dela B&B is set back from Hvar Town and up a hill, which means our location was in a peaceful setting and the views from our balcony were incredible.
2 Weeks in Croatia - Family Itinerary - Where to stay in Hvar - View from balcony

I would 100% recommend this accommodation as the perfect place to stay in Hvar with kids.

It is run by a genuinely lovely family who can’t do enough for you. The rooms are clean, modern and very comfortable and the swimming pool was the highlight for the kids (and having less than 20 room’s means you often get the swimming pool to yourself).

They also provide an AMAZING and unlimited breakfast, which was a lovely treat after being self-catering in Dubrovnik and Korcula.

⭐️ Find out more…

I have written a separate review on Dela B&B because we loved it so much (please note that we did not get paid to write the review and we paid full price for our accommodation). Click here to read our full review.

If you want to search for more accommodation in Hvar, use the search box below.

How to spend 3 days in Hvar

Everywhere we visited during our 2 weeks in Croatia was amazing and had something different to offer, but it’s fair to say that we loved Hvar.

We spent 3 days in Hvar, which is enough to see everything in Hvar Town but we could have easily stayed for a week (and we don’t like to stay in one place for too long).

If we’d had longer, we would have given the kids more time back at the accommodation, having fun in the pool and we’d have loved to explore the island more.

Hvar has something for everyone. It has the same architectural feel to Dubrovnik and Korcula in its maze of charming stone walled streets. There are historical sites to visit and plenty of day trips to the nearby Pakleni Islands.

2 Weeks in Croatia - Family Itinerary - Where to stay in Hvar - Pakleni Islands

And its gastronomy is to die for with plenty of lovely restaurants and bars (you must try the local wine).

❗️ Top Tip

Try Fig Café Bar for incredible food and Wine Bar Pršuta 3 for delicious local wine (Pošip if you like white wine and the Plavac Mali if you like red).

Here’s our top recommendations on how to spend 3 days in Hvar…

Get lost in its charming maze of streets and admire the swanky yachts in the harbour

Don’t worry, we found it more sophisticated and chic than tacky and tasteless

Locally known as Španjola Fortress which sits prominently on the hill overlooking Hvar Town and its beautiful bay

Take the water taxi or hire your own little motorboat (this was our best day trip)

The sea was at its most inviting and absolutely crystal clear here, you won’t be able to resist a swim

Other popular places to visit are Stari Grad and Jelsa

During June and July only

⭐️ Find out more…

For more information and top tips on the above, read our guidance on what we did during our 3 days in Hvar here.

2 Weeks in Croatia - Family Itinerary - 3 days in Hvar

Days 11-14: Split

How to get from Hvar to Split

From Hvar, you will need to take the ferry to Split, which takes approximately 1 hour. Click here to see the timetable.

If you’ve read the guidance in my other posts on using the ferries, you should already know that buying tickets is fairly straightforward. You can buy tickets from the two ferry service company offices near the port in Hvar Town itself or online by clicking on the Krilo or Jadrolinija links.

Where to stay in Split with kids

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and will feel much bigger compared to Dubrovnik, Korcula and Hvar.

This means there is also an abundance of accommodation both within the Old Town and its many surrounding neighbourhoods.

When we were considering where to stay in Split with our kids, we were again looking for accommodation with a swimming pool. However, this practically ruled out Split Old Town which mainly offers cosy self-catering B&Bs and apartments.

2 Weeks in Croatia - Family Itinerary - Riva Promenade Split

Our accommodation in Split

It turned out that we actually spent most of our days exploring Split or taking day trips, so we barely used the swimming pool that came with our Airbnb. For this reason, if we went back we would look for accommodation within walking distance from the old town and would maybe opt for a swimming pool in Korcula instead. Having said that, wherever you stay in Split, you are probably within a 30-minute bus ride to the centre and the bus network is extensive, cheap and regular. Here’s the link to our Airbnb – Apartment EM Stobrec, which was great value for money and had access to a shared swimming pool. It suited our needs perfectly, although could benefit from a little modernizing.

How to spend 4 days in Split

Split is a city of two halves with one half providing a modern shopping area and cosmopolitan seafront promenade. The other half is ancient Roman ruins that make up the Old Town with the Diocletian’s Palace at its centre.

Split is much more accessible with a pushchair with a small exception being the walk up to Marjan Hill. But even this will seem a breeze after Dubrovnik.

2 Weeks in Croatia - Family Itinerary - View from Marjan Hill

Here’s our top recommendations on how to spend 4 days in Split…

With its stone-walled maze of streets and countless bars and restaurants serving fresh fish, meat platters and delicious wine

For fresh fruit, veg and fish, flowers, clothes and more

Sit and enjoy an ice cream whilst watching the world go by

For lush pine forests and beautiful views. There may be a few steps to contend with as you head out of Split but walking up Marjan Hill is pushchair friendly.

See the impressive waterfalls and take a swim in the pool at the bottom of Skradinski Buk

⭐️ Find out more…

For more information about Krka National Park including how to get there, entrace fees and what to do, click here.

2 Weeks in Croatia - Family Itinerary - Krka National Park

❗️ Top Tip

Visit Luka Ice Cream & Cakes for the best ice cream in Split (well we think so anyway)!

Car Hire in Croatia

Hiring a car for day trips in Croatia is easy, cheap and convenient, particularly when travelling with kids. A decent car in Split for 24 hours will cost between 200-500 kn (approx. £25-£62). I would recommend using one of the big names such as Sixt, Thrifty or Hertz and if you are travelling during peak season, book online in advance to ensure availability (use the links above to book now). We recommend Sixt for best value, good service and we were able to drop the car off at the airport on the day we flew home (we also got an upgrade).

Sixt Car Rental

Our final thoughts…

If you hadn’t already made your mind up, I hope I’ve now convinced you to choose Croatia as your next family adventure.

This family-friendly itinerary for 2 weeks in Croatia provides a real mix of places to visit, historical sites to see and things to do.

Combining ancient cities with the stunning islands off the Dalmatian coast. You’ll get to spend full days exploring and site-seeing followed by days of relaxation and swimming in the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

If you want to recreate our 2 weeks in Croatia for your own family adventure, the first place to start is booking your flights. Once you’ve got your flights sorted, use this guide to help you decide where to go, where to stay and what to do.

There’s far too much information to share in this post so I’ve linked my other posts where necessary to provide more detail, which should help.

Have any questions about our 2 weeks in Croatia – family itinerary?

It’s my number 1 goal to inspire other families to travel the world so let me help you plan your adventure. If you have any questions or need more help, please get in touch. Leave a comment below or contact me by email.

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  1. Dianne Sivulka

    This brings back some wonderful memories of our trip to Croatia with our boys. Thank you for sharing all your tips and insights.

    1. Gemma

      Glad you enjoyed it Dianne. I must admit, writing this post felt like I was back there – we too have amazing memories. Would love to do this itinerary all over again but there are many more places in Croatia and the rest of the world to see too!

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    This looks amazing! I would love to visit Croatia. Pinning this for future reference!

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      Hi Lauren, thanks for your comment!
      Definitely add Croatia to your bucket list! We want to go back and do the North and Plitvice National Park but Dubrovnik is a must. Also, island hopping is great fun, easy and the islands are so beautiful – be sure not to miss out on them.
      Always here to help if you need any advice 😊

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    Gosh this is a total dream trip. Looks amazing!

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      And the Dalmatian coast and the islands are just so pretty, you’d never get tired of them 😊

    1. Gemma

      Hi Shira, thanks so much, I really hope it helps people plan their own Croatian trip without having to spend days researching and worrying about how to do it.
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    I had no idea Dubrovnik had so many steps. Great to let families know that in advance. You stayed in some lovely places!

    1. Gemma

      Hi Jody, yes there are definitely a lot of steps in Dubrovnik but I wouldn’t let it put anybody off with kids and pushchairs. If you want to fully explore, you can’t avoid them but you can access the Main Street through one of the gates without having to climb down any.
      It’s such a beautiful place that everybody should try to visit at some point 😊

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    Dubrovnik is HIGH on my wanderlust list! This is an excellent guide – so in-depth. Thanks for sharing all this info!

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      Dubrovnik is a must for your wanderlust list! I really enjoyed Split but Dubrovnik is immaculately preserved, clean and completely stunning. I want to go back just writing about it now. Let me know if you do visit, would love to hear what you think too 😊

  6. Christina

    What a detailed guide. Everything I need to plan our bucket list trip to Croatia is right here. I will definitely have Dela B and B on the radar too when we go to Hvar. What amazing service!

    1. Gemma

      Hi Christina, I’m so glad this has given you lots of information to plan your Croatian adventure! Please let me know if if I can help anymore.
      Would recommend Dela B&B for everything. They are such a genuinely lovely family. I wouldn’t even look anywhere else if we returned to Hvar (which hopefully we will one day) 😊

  7. Gabriela Darby

    Hi Gemma, thank you for sharing this lovely itinerary! We are planning a trip to Croatia for end of May and beginning of June next year (hopefully the weather will be warm enough for swimming in the sea and pools too 🙂 ) with our 2 year old son. We have been doing some research into the itinerary, when we finally came across your website and decided to follow your schedule, so thank you for saving us many additional hours doing more research! I was wondering, whether you would have a suggestion on what else we can do or see, as we have 19 days in total. I would love to see the Plitvice NP (maybe staying there overnight), leaving us still with a few extra days to explore. Would you recommend seeing another town or expanding on the existing trip? Many thanks in advance!

    1. Gemma

      Hi Gabriela, I’m so excited that you are planning a trip to Croatia and so happy that you found our itinerary helpful. May is a perfect time to visit because the weather will be just right and it should be less busy. Hopefully the water will be warm enough and your son will love it 🙂
      It’s amazing that you have 19 days to explore and I can definitely recommend some extra things to do. If you are staying in Dubrovnik or Korcula, I would would definitely do a day trip to Mljet, most of it is a National Park and supposed to be stunning (we didn’t get chance but really wanted to go).
      The other place I really wanted to go was Plitvice Lakes like you have mentioned. We couldn’t fit it into our schedule so chose Krka instead. If you are staying in Split you could hire a car and do a day trip to Plitvice or like you say you could stay there for a night or two. Trogir might also be worth a day trip from Split. We also didn’t get chance to explore other parts of Hvar but would have liked to (we loved Hvar). I can’t recommend Dela B&B enough and if you stay there, they will help arrange all sorts of activities for you (the family have lived on the island for years). They’ve also got a lovely swimming pool that your son would love 😊. Hope that helps but please feel free to ask me anything else, I love to help 😁,
      Gemma x

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